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You are Dack Peeples, reluctant college freshman. Mom and Dad have just abandoned you at your new home, miles away from all your old high school friends. Your roommate is nowhere to be seen (and is probably a serial killer), your RA is WAY too into being an RA, and all you want to do is unpack your stuff, but all these people keep interrupting you and bugging you to come socialize! Also, you have to perform surgery on someone, but that part comes later. Welcome to Life in the Dorms!


Have you ever played Monkey Island? You have to collect items from your surroundings and combine them and use them in very clever ways in order to get your RA off your case and determine if your roommate is really planning to kill you, or if he's just bad at making jokes. In Life in the Dorms, you'll get to:

  • Discover new and exciting uses for ramen noodles!
  • Move furniture!
  • Read a book about semi-colons!
  • Did I mention that you have to perform surgery?

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