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February 2, 2013

Life in the Dorms—the madcap new adventure game about how to survive in the utterly horrifying world of university housing—has been out for a few months now, and the critics are raving:

"A great point-and-click adventure." – Signed In

"A storyline with genuine humor." – Writings of Mass Destruction

"Who knew trying to outsmart a bear would be so fun?" – XCLANN

"I dare you not to crack a smile at all the odd characters and Dack’s increasingly strange musings on life." – Xboxer 360

"At every other turn in this game, something outrageously absurd is happening. … it takes a simple situation, pushes it to the extreme, and then puts a completely twist-ending on the punchline." – Adventure Lantern

Have you picked up your copy yet? It's only a dollar; you've got nothing to lose—except the hours you'll spend pointing-and-clicking along with Dack, trying to find love, friendship, and ramen noodles in a world that has…well, a lot of it, actually. Check us out on Xbox Live today!

Review copies are still available for members of the press; if you're interested, just drop an e-mail to



September 12, 2012

It's finally here. Two years in the making. Two dudes in the making. (Plus some other dudes in the art-ing and music-ing and testing.) Life in the Dorms: the adventure game by Moment Games all about love, friendship, and ramen noodles.

It's coming out this Friday, September 14th, on Xbox Live Indie Games. And it only costs one buck (for the next 7 days)!

People on Twitter are already raving about it!

"I love life in the dorms", said @GWPeterK, who…may have actually been talking about her own dorm, but we'll take it.

"So now I am a hyena???- life in the dorms..", said @Weekday88, who should probably seek medical attention.

"Life in the Dorms will be a life experience on par with getting married, having your first child, and writing your very first Tweet", said @colachief, who is technically the game's lead writer and designer.

Mark your calendars. No, wait—don't even do that. Just sit in front of your TV, Xbox on, controller in hand. Bathroom breaks are acceptable, but not encouraged. It's coming—it's coming soon—and you'll want to be there.



May 27, 2012

Videogames, it turns out, is hard. Once upon a time, we thought we'd have Life in the Dorms ready for release by the end of 2011. Hah! Can you imagine?

Yet we inch ever closer to release. We'll be entering a near-complete build of the game into this year's Dream.Build.Play competition (fingers crossed!), and, in the meantime, we have TEN new screenshots for you! Here, check them out:



December 20, 2011

Christmas has come a few days early for Moment Games fans! Life in the Dorms co-creators Paul and Ted recently did an in-depth interview with the adventure game e-zine Adventure Lantern, covering such topics as:

  • The game's story, characters, and puzzles
  • How the project came together
  • Our own favorite adventure games
  • Whether you'll come out of Life in the Dorms with a working knowledge of medicine

There's a lot of new stuff in there that we haven't made public before, so go check out the interview here!

In other news, I know we've been pretty quiet lately, but that's because we've been so busy with the game! We won't be making our end-of-year 2011 target, but we're almost there-all that's really left is wrapping up the art, wrapping up the music, and wrapping up the testing. Colin recently finished re-doing almost all of the art in the game; check out Dack's new model:

Bit of an upgrade from before, eh? Stay tuned! I bet we at LEAST finish up our game before Duke Nukem Forever comes out, hah!

...Wait, that already happened? Seriously? Fine. We're still almost there.



October 11, 2011

Moment Games, in collaboration with a pair of scissors, some paint, and a glue stick, is proud to reveal: a brand-new trailer for Life in the Dorms! This is your first ever-sneak peak at Life in the Dorm's gameplay, as well as an introduction to what trials you can expect to face while playing the game. There's even a little dancing. Check it out!

We're on course for a winter 2011 release for Life in the Dorms, so stay tuned!



September 15, 2011

Thanks to everyone for participating in our first-ever "Get Your Name in the Game" contest for Life in the Dorms! (Man, I wish I'd thought of that name before the contest ended.) The Tweets are in, and a winner is: @TheLiztress. How will we work her Twitter name into Life in the Dorms, and exactly what connection will it have to the 19th-centry philosopher Nietzsche? You'll have to play the game to find out!



September 1, 2011

Progress continues on Life in the Dorms, the adventure game about a boy whose roommate is (might be) a serial killer, whose R.A. is (might be) in love with him, and whose only friend for miles is his pet water turtle. Our script is 100% complete and nearly 100% implemented; now, we're focusing more on the artwork, the music, the playtesting and fine-tuning, and—most importantly—the hype.

And speaking of which! We're pleased to announce today that we're starting a new contest for Life in the Dorms, wherein the winner gets his or her own Twitter username added to the game's script! To enter, all you have to do is follow @momentgames on Twitter. That's it. Two weeks from now, we'll pick a winner at random from our list of followers, and that individual will immediately gain thousands of new followers of their own, as well as become more attractive to members of the opposite sex.

…Well, what are you waiting for? Don't you want to be that guy who can say "I was into Life in the Dorms before it won Game of the Year from all those websites"? This is your chance! Follow @momentgames now to win.



July 13, 2010:

We just sent out the official press release for Life in the Dorms last Friday, and already we're starting to get coverage all over the Internet! Here are a few of our favorite links:

  • GamePro: "…could be one to watch for those who miss the good old days of picking stuff up and attempting in vain to combine it with all the other stuff you've picked up until something cool happens."
  • Adventure Gamers: "School may be out for summer, but it's already time to look ahead to Life in the Dorms..."
  • "I'll be honest. I have no idea how it all correlates or any clue as to how impressive the final product will be."

In other news, we've almost finalized the first run of the script and puzzles for Life in the Dorms, about 3/4 of which is already implemented. Keep your eyes on our Facebook and Twitter accounts for more details! To keep you tantalized, here's a new screenshot for the game, released last week in Paul's "Minus the Pudding" column at GameCola:

What could it mean?! We're not telling.



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